SandBox – Digital Interactive Solutions
We are a future-forward lab of unbridled creativity and innovation. Our in-house experience centre and demo Lab fusing transformative technology and intelligent solutions creating immersive, engaging and unforgettable experiences. This is our playground – where we conceptualize, develop, build, test and display prototypes of our dynamic interactive apps and platforms.
Our aim is to innovate and develop next-generation intuitive and interactive platforms for experiential marketing and advanced digital activation. Whether you are looking for ways to capture your audience in a store, engage students in your classroom or entertain consumers at a trade show – we’re the digital production company to make it happen.
Virtual Solutions that work in the real World or Breakthrough interactive experiences

The E-Concierge is a multi-functional, smartly designed informational interface, which dispenses relevant information in the most eye-catching, intuitive way possible. Think of it as a guide, an assistant, and a local expert all rolled into one.

• E-School
Driving curiosity, engagement and playful interaction, the Almoe E-School is a comprehensive edutainment platform – that empowers teachers and educators of all levels with the tools for long-lasting learning.

• Interactive Dynamic Smart Walls
We recognizing the need for brands to gravitate towards more intuitive and autonomous technologies to display and communicate their content Out team of concept designers and developers has successfully developed and implemented content delivery platforms that can trigger and display content that is specific to the viewers point of interest.

• Educational Gaming Apps
We are unearthing the potential and possibilities of learning like never before. As part of the design and development work for interactive apps and platforms at Almoe Sandbox, we have taken an active interest to break out of the predictable education box. We innovate and produce varied and truly inventive educational apps that work on a ‘learn while you play’ mindspace.

• Game Changers & Envelope Pushers
With the legacy of Almoe Productions backing us, we have what it takes to craft breakthrough ideas – whether it is content, apps, projection mapping, interactive setups or even impeccable design elements that make for a memorable event or experience.

• Pedestal
Revolutionizing the way products are presented and viewed, the Almoe Pedestal Virtual Showroom not only complements the vehicles on display at any automobile showroom, but also minimizes the need for the customary sales talk. It instead allows consumers to discover at their own pace.

“Extend your event to those that can’t attend. With our support we can help make your webcasts interactive, effective, and powerful. ”

Think AV Think Almoe

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