With Almoe’s extensive rigging and truss stock, we can cater to any need – entertainment, exhibitions, theatres shows and corporate events. No matter the size or complexity of an event, we stick to our approach of maintaining safety and aesthetics whilst fulfilling our clients’ brief.

Our project managers work alongside our riggers to create a rigging plan, that takes into account the event requirements, and the various restrictions within the venue. We then deliver a cost effective solution that meets outlined budgets. We ensure load calculations are finalized, and all rigging is carried out safely, and efficiently.

We offer truss and rigging hire in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the other U.A.E emirates, or as part of a full production service throughout the GCC. All of our trussing is periodically inspected and certified.

Our experienced staff take a pro-active approach to the installation and removal of all rigging elements, making sure all safety elements are taken into account, to safeguard the wellbeing of staff and clients.

A Wide Range of TrussMilos / Litec
AccessoriesAssorted corners, bookends & base plates
Technical CAD DrawingsWYSIWYG, Sketch-Up, Vivian
Circular Truss6m circular truss
Ground SupportFull ground support, self climbing truss up to 12m high, 18m wide
PA Towers9.5m high, SWL 1100KG
Rigging DressingTruss socks and truss borders

We have a huge range of truss and rigging, so if there is something specific you are looking for please call or email us.


“For any of your rigging needs Almoe has a solution. Let our friendly staff take the strain off you, and create the rigging plan perfectly suited to your event.”

Think AV Think Almoe

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