The Launch of a new product, reflects your brand, and we only get one chance to make sure we present your brand in the best possible light (sic). It may be a simple curtain reveal, or a very complex theatrical event. You may want lighting to build a moment, or a drape to drop at a precise moment in time. From the minute the curtain drops, stage revolves, and lights come on, we want to help astound your audience.

We have a comprehensive list of options to highlight your product. We can pixel map entire buildings and sets, we can reveal with a Kabuki drop, or build suspense with advanced lighting techniques. Whatever you want to achieve Almoe are here to help.

As a market leader in the region, the latest AV technology is what sets us apart and helps us deliver the most impact for your brand and product. We understand that you only get one chance to get it right. Every cue, every lighting change, every reveal, our technicians continually push themselves to deliver seamless shows.

  • Technical Plans and Drawings
  • Creative Set and Stage Designs
  • Technical Advice and Assistance
  • Full AV Services, Event Lighting, Video Displays, Audio Systems
  • Logistics and Health & Safety Documentation
  • Dedicated Project Manager

Think AV Think Almoe

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